10 simple tips on how to succeed with delivery in Scandinavia

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10 simple tips on how to succeed with delivery in the Scandinavian markets

Delivery is inescapable part of ecommerce and can be what makes or breaks a shopping experience. But what do the quality conscious consumers of Scandinavia want when it comes to delivery? Based on an extensive study by Bring Research, we will give you 10 simple tips on how to succeed with delivery in Scandinavia.

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Delivery is more important than ever to online shoppers. Everyone checks the terms for delivery before going through with a purchase, meaning that you must clearly communicate your delivery terms BEFORE the customer gets to the checkout. This will provide the customer with a sense of security and reduce the risk of an abandoned cart.

Make sure shoppers are informed
So, what do you need to tell the customer in order to succeed with delivery in Scandinavia? Most importantly, the shipping cost – 9/10 Scandinavian online shoppers check the shipping costs before placing and order. What the “right” price is depends on the industry standard and the size of the parcel. Secondly, Scandinavian consumers check the delivery alternatives, e.g. homedelivery vs. pick-up. Expected delivery time is also a factor, especially to the younger segments.

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Precision trumps speed and cost
When it comes to free shipping, it is actually not expected by the majority of Scandinavian Online consumers. Approximately 75% accepts that there is a minimum purchase amount for free delivery. Note that Norwegians have lower expectancy towards free delivery than Swedes and Danes – perhaps because of the geographical layout of the country with some very remote areas.
What is more important than delivery cost is precision – +60 % of Scandinavian shoppers prefer web shops that state an expected delivery date and expect online stores to live up it. Speed is important too, as studies in 2015 showed that consumers were okay to wait 4-5 days to receive a purchase, today, the limit is 2-3 days. However, precision and living up to the promised delivery date is still more important than very fast delivery to succeed with delivery in Scandinavia.

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The findings of the study by Bring Research adds up to 10 simple tips on how to succeed with delivery in Scandinavia:

  1. Give the customer and overview of delivery terms early in the purchase process
  2. Test multiple delivery alternatives to find out what your customers prefer
  3. Precision is important. If a delivery is delayed, inform the customer about it
  4. Offer express delivery options. This will enable you to compete with physical stores
  5. Use conditional free delivery to increase order amounts
  6. Test different delivery costs to see how the cost of delivery affects sales. Find the limits for your customers’ willingness to pay.
  7. Focus on efficient order and warehouse handling to get orders out quickly.
  8. Measure the time you use from an order is placed until it is sent. Set goals for how large a part of orders should go out the same day as they are received and follow up continuously.
  9. Know your market. Follow your competitors closely and follow the trends in the market
  10. Show customer reviews in your web shop and make it easy for customers to add reviews
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