5 great tips for handling returns in Scandinavia

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5 great tips for handling returns in Scandinavia

Returns are no longer just an expense, but is turning into a valuable asset and a competitive parameter for ecommerce businesses. Recently, Bring Research released a study of Scandinavian ecommerce in 2017 providing deep insight in the wants and needs of Scandinavian online shoppers, especially when it comes to handling returns.

We have collected the most interesting findings from Bring’s survey and distilled them into 5 simple tips for providing great returns services to the quality conscious Scandinavian consumers and handling returns efficiently internally.

Expectations to returns

Scandinavian online stores are obliged by law to offer customers 14 days to return a purchase, but there are very large differences in the conditions online retailers offer their customers. This means that online shoppers very often check the returns policy before placing a purchase, especially in online stores that are new to them. The main reason to why shoppers check the returns policy is that it gives them a sense of safety if a need to return the order should arise and also, they want to know which costs are involved.

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Ensure trust with a great returns policy
Ecommerce has the disadvantage that the customer is not able to assess the product physically. A great returns policy, communicated clearly can help reduce the perceived risk and anxiety of the shopper and increase sales in your web shop. Great management of returns are important to ensure trust from potential customers, especially for the older segments. To Scandinavian customers, access to a return freight label, the option to reuse the packaging for returns/enclosing return packaging and returning the payment quickly are important factors when it comes to returns.

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Bring’s study adds up to 5 great tips for handling returns in Scandinavia:

  1. Make the returns conditions/your return policy visible to the customer early in the purchase process
  2. Have a clear and simple returns policy. Avoid using “legal language”
  3. Have efficient processes in your warehouse and for delivery management to avoid picking mistakes and delivery errors.
  4. Offer your customers simple returns conditions in order to make them feel safe and increase both conversion rate and repurchase
  5. Work continuously to reduce the number of returns by making sure your web shop has great product information and e.g. make it possible for customers to add ratings of your products and display them.
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  • Bring is a Nordic post and logistics corporation that develops and delivers comprehensive solutions within post, communication and logistics
  • Bring has around 17,000 employees
  • Bring Research performs comprehensive studies with in ecommerce and delivery in Scandinavia every year

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