Optimize your warehouse – here is 7 tips on how to do it

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7 tips: How to optimize your warehouse

The warehouse is often the core of the company, and is it where the customers acquire their orders. Therefore, optimization of the warehouse is crucial for the company’s delivery to their customers. To save hours and offer your customers a faster and more accurate delivery, Norwegian Logistics Expert, Lager og Industrisystemer (Warehouse and Industrial Systems), gives their seven tips on to how you can optimize your warehouse. You can use the seven tips again and again, to ensure that your warehouse is optimized for customers’, employees’ and the future’s requirements.

1. Use the space in the warehouse wisely
Take advantage of the height of the warehouse by installing a mezzanine or take advantage of floor areas by using mobile shelving in order to fit more items on the same surface.

2. Clean up your product range
Do not let items that you cannot sell, occupy the space in the warehouse for other more popular items. Goods must always be shortest possible time at the warehouse, so you do not lose money.

3. Know your goods
Place the goods in the warehouse in relation to whether they are high or low frequency goods.

4. Pick orders faster
Pick several orders at once (batch picking) and organize the warehouse, so the employee does not have to walk long distances.

5. Check your goods
Keep track of loss, expiration date, manufacturing defects and returns through routines and custom software solutions.

6. Prioritize good ergonomic working postures
High tables, assembly lines and changing working postures help to reduce sickness absence among warehouse employees and increase productivity.

7. Make your warehouse processes scalable
With a scalable logistics solution, you can easily up- and downgrade in relation to high and low season. You do not need to invest in expensive and oversized logistics solutions, if you do not need it.

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