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Universe of Delivery is for those who want to turn delivery into a competitive advantage for their business. Delivery is a crucial part of your supply chain and if managed the right way, you can use it to increase sales and customer base as well as save on shipping costs.

By featuring motivational articles, blog posts and inspiring business cases on everything from delivery options in the online shop to pick, pack and shipping as well as covering the latest delivery trends spotted locally and internationally, the Universe of Delivery wants to inform, inspire and encourage you to achieve competitive delivery management.

Regardless of how delivery is part of your business, there is always a way to improve or innovate how your delivery is managed and carried out in order for you to meet customer and partner demands and stay competitive. Therefore, the Universe of Delivery is for those who have delivery as part of their business, whether you work with online sales, third-party logistics, transport, warehouse or is a system provider (WMS, ERP, webshop) etc. on both B2B and B2C markets.

Delivery Management software company Consignor is behind Universe of Delivery and will in collaboration with other experts cover all areas within delivery and keep you updated.

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