Carrier-mix boosts turnover and customer satisfaction

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Carrier-mix boosts turnover and customer satisfaction

Companies should consider using multiple carriers to ensure optimal delivery to their customers. Results from Danish online shops show, that having the right carrier-mix increases both sales and customer satisfaction.

No carriers are alike, just as no customers are alike. It is therefore a wise move for companies to use different carriers’ services, when they are sending parcels to customers.

“It is not just about favorable freight rates and volume discounts, but also the quality of the delivery and to choose the right carrier for each shipment. Each carrier has their strengths. Some are good at handling large parcels where others are good at handling fragile parcels and so on, ” Steffen Pasgaard, Vice President at Consignor, says.


Vice President at Consignor, Steffen Pasgaard, believes it is favorable for companies to choose multiple carriers for their shipments.

Denmark’s largest supermarket chain, Dansk Supermarked, also sees the importance in choosing the right carrier-mix. They use several carriers when sending parcels to their customers to ensure a good delivery experience.

“80-90% of the customer experience depends on the delivery. It shows immediately on our customer satisfaction surveys, if the delivery has not lived up to the customer’s expectations, ” Customer Experience Manager at Dansk Supermarket, Kasper Kristensen, says.

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Dansk Supermarked owns, which is one of the largest online shops in Denmark. goes the extra mile to ensure a good experience. Good delivery services combined with product advice increase conversions in the long term. For smaller companies, who do not send as many parcels as, it is still advantageous to focus on the delivery experience.

Online shop increased its conversion rate significantly
The Danish online shop sends over 150,000 parcels a year. When they entered a new partnership with Post Danmark on Sunday pickup, they did not imagine that the result would be as good as it did.


IT and Marketing Manager at, Søren Sieg Jensen, emphasizes the importance in finding a match between the carrier, product and customer. Photo:

“I expected that the Sunday pickup would have a positive impact on our conversion, but I did not imagine that the result would be so positive. Sunday pickup increases our conversion rate by 25%, and we have received a wealth of positive feedback from our customers, who thus received their weekend orders already the following Monday, ” Søren Sieg Jensen, IT and Marketing Manager at, explains.

Delivery therefore means a lot to, and they prioritize a match between carrier product and customer.

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Steffen Pasgaard follows up:
“It is not only crucial to choose the right carrier in regard to the type of your shipments, but also in relation to the end customer’s requirements and expectations regarding delivery. Each customer has his opinion on what a good delivery is. Moreover, the variety in services from different carriers is great, and they thereby support the different contexts, which an online shopper can be in. It is about finding just the right carrier-mix match both the product type and customer context and expectations. ”



  • Dansk Supermarked owns retail chains Netto, Føtex, Bilka and Salling.
  • Dansk Supermarked opened their first online shop in 2010, and is now in the top 10 of the largest Danish online shops.
  • In May 2015 Dansk Supermarked acquired online shop with the goal of becoming Denmark’s largest online shop.
  • sells everything in bicycles, bike accessories and parts.
  • was founded in 2005 and is known for quality, cheap prices and fast delivery.
  • In May 2015 won the e-commerce award in the category “Customers’ Favorite” at FDIH‘s annual e-commerce award show.
  • Consignor develops and sells the Delivery Management software Consignor.
  • Consignor’s customers use in average 2.8 carriers for their shipments.

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