How customers really want their online purchases delivered

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How customers really want their online purchases delivered

New research shows that more customers want their online purchases delivered at home instead of picking them up themselves. This is thought-provoking since self-pickup is the most widely used delivery option in the Nordics.

Nordic carrier Bring has recently published a new study about online customers’ preferred delivery options in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Self-pick up is the most common and preferred delivery option among online customers. However 3 out of 10 customers would have chosen another delivery option, if they could choose again, and most would have chosen home delivery either to the mailbox or at the door.

The reasons as to why customers did not choose home delivery in the first place differs from “other delivery options were cheaper/free” and “it was simpler and more flexible to use other delivery options”.

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These findings indicate that online shops can improve how they offer home delivery to their customers in order to increase service levels and provide a better buying experience.

How online shops can improve home delivery options

Bring identifies 3 factors as important for customers when choosing home delivery:

  1. The customer wants to choose day and time for delivery in check-out.
  2. The customer wants to be able to change day and time after ordering.
  3. The customer wants shorter time intervals for when their online purchase will be delivered.

Bring also underlines fast delivery as important for online customers, as this is considered good service. 6 out of 10 customers would choose the same online shop again because of good service. This shows that there are huge financial advantages for online shops in improving the speed of delivery and how they offer home delivery.

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  • The name of the research is “Slik vil kunden din egentlig ha varen levert” – translated “How your customer really want the product delivered”.
  • Self-pick up in this study means that online customers pick up their online purchase in a physical store.
  • 65% of Norwegian online customers chose self-pick up as delivery option.
  • 62% of Swedish online customers chose self-pick up as delivery option.
  • 49% of Danish online customers chose self-pick up as delivery option.
  • Bring is a carrier and logistics operator of Norwegian origin and is part of the Posten Norge-Group.
  • Bring operates in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
  • Bring offers services within parcel delivery, express, courier, freight and logistics for food.

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