Quality track & trace: Does your track & trace live up to consumer demands?

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Does your track & trace live up to consumer demands?

Nowadays consumers expect that they can track their parcels when shopping online. Therefore, they have stricter demands for the quality track & trace experience. Read here, if your track & trace meets consumers’ demands.

Transparency is crucial for the delivery experience when consumers shop online. E-commerce expert, Arne Andersson, emphasizes the importance of the continuous tracking and comprehensive information about the entire delivery if online shops are planning to increase their sales. He calls this information logistics:

“Information logistics is where and how we communicate with the receiver, after an order is booked: from order confirmation to return policy. Communication before, during and after the delivery, is a big part of the buying experience.”

According to Arne Andersson consumer driven logistics is about availability and convenience, and control of delivery after check-out helps to build a relationship of trust between the consumer and the online shop. He is backed up by a British study, which shows, that 73% of online consumers think that quality track & trace and knowledge of the exact delivery time will increase their confidence in shopping online. However, not only online shops are feeling the strain. In the transport industry, they also feeling consumers’ demands for quality track & trace.

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Quality track & trace is vital in the transport industry

Thomas Wallin1

Thomas Wallin, CEO BFT Logistik.

Carrier BFT Logistik invests a lot in improving their track & trace, because they simply cannot survive in the distribution industry without it. Customers are demanding track & trace. Therefore BFT Logistik made a drastic choice in 2013 and changed all their software systems and PDA scanners in favor of one overall Delivery Management solution.


“Track & trace is vital in the distribution industry. An absolute must! Today we provide much better customer service because of easy access to track & trace both for us and our customers, and at the same time we continuously send notifications about the parcel’s status to the customer/recipient, ” says CEO at BFT Logistik, Thomas Wallin.


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At DPD, they also constantly strive to improve track & trace in relation to consumer demands. In 2014, they therefore developed DPD Live tracking, where the customer can track their parcel live while it is on its way with the driver. The live-tracking has been criticized for being unnecessary as customers do not need to know how close their parcel is, if they already know the exact time of delivery. DPD is also criticized that such a kind of monitoring can be stressful and dangerous for the driver.

Only time will tell whether live-tracking is part of the future track & trace, but one thing is for sure: Consumers want transparency and information all the way from order placement to receipt of delivery.

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