The dos and don’ts of Delivery Management

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Delivery management

The dos and don’ts of Delivery Management

Great management can turn delivery into a competitive advantage for any business. Delivery is a crucial part of the supply chain and if managed the right way, it can be used to increase sales and customer base, as well as to keep shipping costs at a sustainable level.

Here is a selection of dos and don’ts of Delivery Management:


  • …integrate your delivery management system with your WMS, ERP or Ecommerce solution. It reduces the risk of human errors and speeds up the handling of deliveries
  • …offer your customers track & trace with notifications. Being proactive and keeping the customer in the loop on where their delivery is and when it will arrive inspires trust and can reduce the number of inquiries to customer service. This is equally important for B2B actors, as a delayed delivery can have major economic consequences.
  • …have a great returns policy and make sure you make it easily accessible for your customers. This helps maintain customer loyalty. Download our guide to management of returns here.
  • treat your carriers well. They are a part of your brand and often the only actual person your customer will meet in the purchasing process.
  • …optimize your warehouse to make the delivery process faster and eliminate picking mistakes. Get 7 tips on how to optimize your warehouse here.
  • …optimize the packaging of your deliveries to avoid damage during transport and save time in the packing flow. Get more tips for optimizing packaging here.
  • …get to know your customer. Only by knowing who your customers are, will you be able to offer them the delivery services they demand.


  • …limit yourself to a single carrier. Some carriers are great for fast delivery of small parcels and others handle odd sized deliveries very well. Choosing the right mix of carriers for your needs is not only cost conscious, but also ensures that you are able to offer your customers the best delivery options.
  • …hide away terms of delivery. A well-informed customer is more likely to place an order.
  • …offer free delivery – at least not at any cost. While it can be a competitive parameter, studies show that most customers are happy to pay for delivery, as long as it is fast and precise. Consider what the standard is in your area of business. Read more here: Free shipping – Boom or bust for online shops?
  • …expect your carrier to cover damages to deliveries during transport. If you want to make sure that your valuable deliveries are covered, insure them yourself. Find out how your shipments are insured here.

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