Fine-tune your shipping process for picky online shoppers

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Fine-tune your shipping process for picky online shoppers

In today’s cut-throat ecommerce business, delivery and shipping options are decisive factors when demanding online shoppers decide on where to place their orders. Missing the delivery-mark could mean losing the order to a competitor offering marginally better delivery options than you. Here are our tips to fine-tuning your delivery process and standing out from the crowd.

Stay agile
Online shoppers are expecting more and more when it comes to delivery. Demands are increasing and changing quickly and it is imperative to pay attention and adapt delivery setup to keep up with customer expectations. In order to do this, businesses have to not only (as mentioned by M&S before in this forum) listen to their customers, but also monitor their own shipping systems and strategy, keeping an eye out for what is working and what is not – of course adapting accordingly.

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Measure on time deliveries
Surveilling the timeliness of your deliveries will not only allow you to notify customers in case of delays, but it can also give you insight into whether your chosen carriers are living up to the service level you have agreed upon. As a rule of thumb, +90% of your deliveries should be on time – any lower than that requires further investigation.

Notifying customers about their deliveries
Any online store is bound to have a number of inquiries about the location of customer deliveries. Sometimes because packages have not arrived at the expected time and sometimes just because online shopping initiates some degree of uncertainty among shoppers. Keeping the customer informed throughout the delivery process will provide a great service to customers and make them feel secure, while at the same time reducing the number of inquiries. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a system that provides great track & trace as well as an automated notification system. This will not eliminate inquiries totally as mistakes and delays are inevitable, so make sure to handle the inquiries that do come in quickly and smoothly.

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Offer delivery options that fit the needs of your customers
Studies show that delivery options are key, when online shoppers choose where to place their orders. However, there is such a thing as too much choice that could overwhelm shoppers, so make sure to present delivery options that are actually relevant to your specific group of customers. There are delivery management tools available for, based on the content of their cart and delivery address, calculating relevant delivery options to customers automatically – read more here. But how do you know what they actually want? Keep close watch of shopper behavior in your online store. Which delivery options are chosen by current customers? Which are not chosen? You could study your competitors as well. Using a multi-carrier parcel management system will allow you to select multiple carriers that provide the services your customers are looking for and also makes it easy to add new carriers if the need should arise.

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