How Tailor Store saved 15% in transportation costs

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How Tailor Store saved 15% in transportation costs

Swedish online shop Tailor Store saves time and money and reduces the environmental impact and delivery time by using new delivery management technology.


Customer Care & Logistics Manager, Nikolas Harvey, at production in Alawwa, Sri Lanka, with Production Manager, Chinthaka Hettiaarachchi, to the left. Photo: Tailor Store.

It is morning in the town of Alawwa in central Sri Lanka. The citizens are well underway with the day’s work, and at Tailor Stores production buildings at the river the soft sound of label printers that busily print for today’s many parcels is heard. The parcels have a long journey of 8000 km ahead of them. But how is it possible to save time, money and CO2 when sending tailored clothes from Sri Lanka to a customer in Lapland in Sweden?

If you ask Customer Care & Logistics Manager, Nikolas Harvey, the answer is simple: cloud-based technology.

“With cloud-based software, we print labels, package and ship from our production in Sri Lanka to customers in Europe. The parcels are flown from Sri Lanka to Oslo, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Zürich. Then they are sorted on PostNord, DHL and Swiss Post terminals and transported by truck to the end user. It is cheaper in transportation costs and reduces the environmental impact and the delivery time, as we previously flew all parcels to Helsingborg, from where they were transported by truck to the terminals, ” Nikolas Harvey explains.

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The cloud-based software is fully integrated to Tailor Store’s own ERP system. Therefore, they do not have to train employees in new systems, and labels are printed directly from the Internet. The cloud-based software can be accessed anywhere in the world and harmonizes well with Tailor Store’s future plans.


More than 230 parcels are packaged, labelled and sent every day from the production in Sri Lanka. Photo: Tailor Store.

Tailor Store sells tailored clothing for almost the entire world and with focusing on more sales, especially outside Europe in the future, the Swedish online tailor has the logistics under control.

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  • Tailor Store was established in 2003 and is headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden.
  • Tailor Store has production in Alawwa in Sri Lanka with more than 450 employees, and has a strong focus on good working conditions and salaries, pensions and insurance.
  • More than 60,000 packages a year are sent from Sri Lanka.
  • Tailor Store won the award for “Best e-commerce company in Sweden” by SIME (Internet conference) in 2011.
  • Tailor Store is known for their tailored shirts.
  • Their main markets are Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, England and France.
  • With cloud-based software, Tailor Store saves more than 15% on packing- and transportation costs.

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