How to improve your shipping with a people-centric approach

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How to improve your shipping with a people-centric approach

According to Design Anthropologist, Anna Kirah, companies will only be truly successful when they centralize the human being rather than economy and technology. At the Nordic Delivery Conference 2016, powered by Consignor, Anna Kirah explained how the delivery experience from warehouse to end customer can be significantly improved by focusing on the human being. 

Anna kirah

Design Anthropologist Anna Kirah believes that companies focus too much on numbers and finances where they should be focusing on people.

In line with the development of society, companies focus more and more on economy and technology, and often forget the human behind. The increasing use of robot technology can at worst result in that we lose the human touch to both employees and customers, and as a result become more isolated and depressed as human beings. Do we as consumers really prefer being serviced by robots instead of people? We have to understand the people we serve through the service or the product that we sell. This also applies to deliveries, both B2C and B2B. And then it might be that robot technology suit some situations, and in other situations it is better to use human contact. The most important of all is that companies need to apply this understanding. That is what the people-centric approach is about, according to Anna Kirah:

“Companies should create products with their customers rather than for their customers. Therefore, it is important that companies look at the people who use their products and understand how they use the products in a context. The people-centric approach is based on humans’ desires and motivations. If you
understand these, then you will find meaning. And when you build on meaning and relevance, you get solutions that are coveted and fruitful as well as an efficient organization. Meaning and relevance are crucial to whether your product or service is better than your competitors’, even when it comes to delivery. ”

Anna Kirah’s people-centric approach occurred in 1998, when she was hired by Boeing to make a customer survey. She did not understand why they would want her to make a questionnaire, as it is a method that according to Anna Kirah is based on the sender’s perception. Therefore, she convinced Boeing that she in addition should observe and talk with the customers. It was the beginning of the people-centric approach, and the development of Boeing’s groundbreaking 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

If you want to use the people-centric approach to improve delivery in your company, it is quite easy, as the people-centric approach in all its simplicity is about being open.

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How to use the people-centric approach
Whether you are a shipper, distributor or carrier of goods or parcels, Anna Kirah’s recipe for using the people-centric approach is as follows:

1. Practice active listening on both employees and customers.
Active listening means that you do not have your own agenda, but instead try to see things from a new perspective.

2. Ask people more than you do today.
We often draw conclusions from our own assumptions. Be curious of others, and creativity will appear.

3. Be willing to take on a challenge.
Challenges moves us professionally and personally.

4. Involve people.
Create with your customers and employees and not for them.

5. Be humble to people, not numbers.
Numbers are not the absolute truth. We must dare to look at the people behind the numbers, both internally and externally.

At the Nordic Delivery Conference 2016 in Copenhagen Anna Kirah presented how companies can use the people-centric approach to improve delivery to their customers both B2B and B2C, as there really is no difference between them, according to Anna Kirah.
Watch a video clip from her presentation here:


  • Anna Kirah is Chief Experience Officer in the Norwegian digital consulting agency Making Waves.
  • Anna Kirah works with companies in many different industries, including software, advertising, transportation, logistics, retail, finance and government.
  • Anna Kirah’s work is related to how digitization affects businesses and how to meet consumer demands.
  • Nordic Delivery Conference focuses on how companies make their delivery competitive through a mix of inspiring presentations and a large exhibitor area.
  • Nordic Delivery Conference is for all companies with shipments, right from start-up online shops to third-party logistics companies, but also companies in the transport industry as well as ERP, WMS and webshop suppliers.
  • Nordic Delivery Conference is hosted by Delivery Management software supplier Consignor.

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