How to turn logistics into a marketing discipline and improve the customer experience

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How to turn logistics into a marketing discipline and improve the customer experience

Increasing expectations for a seamless online shopping experience place high demands on logistics set-ups. Turning logistics into a marketing discipline and using it to improve the customer experience is crucial to meet online shoppers’ needs, according to 3PL company Aditro Logistics.

“The logistics industry has gone from a cost focus to a customer focus. We see 3 areas, where online shops can adapt their logistics to customers’ demands,” said Mikael Törnqvist from Aditro Logistics at Consignor Convention in Stockholm, where he revealed how to lead an effective and customer adapted logistics solution.

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Aditro Logistics identify the following 3 areas as central for online shops to adapt their logistics to meet customers’ demands.

  • Delivery promise: Online shops need to fulfil customers’ delivery preferences and keep their promises when it comes to delivering on time. By using multiple carriers for your shipments, you are able to meet various delivery preferences as well as minimize failed deliveries, as you can use another carrier, if one carrier fails to deliver.
  • Branding: Make your brand personal and transparent. A personal brand makes you stand out from competitors and transparency increases your credibility to customers. Logistically this can be done by adapting your packaging to reflect your brand in terms of look and feel. Also consider your packaging from an environmental perspective, is your packaging biodegradable? Do you have the right size packaging for your shipments? Etc.
  • Assortment: Customers demand a wide product range. From an economic perspective it can be difficult to accommodate this via your own warehouse. We see an increased tendency that online shops use a drop shipping strategy to offer a wider product range.

Online shops can choose to incorporate the 3 areas into their logistics setup by themselves, or they can use drop shipping or outsource all or parts of their warehousing and shipping as a solution to turning logistics into a marketing discipline.

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