Komplett: How we become the Amazon of the Nordics

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Komplett: How we become the Amazon of the Nordics

With plans of becoming the Amazon of the Nordics, Norwegian e-commerce giant Komplett is transforming from an online shop to e-commerce marketplace launching in first half of 2017. Komplett CEO, Ole Vinje, shares the strategy behind this ambitious goal and how they handle the competition from other platforms here.

The online shop Komplett.no was established in 1996 in Norway, and has since grown into Sweden and Denmark and has acquired a number of online shops. Today Komplett Group owns and runs 18 online shops, and with 20 years of experience they are the leading e-commerce player in the Nordics. Now Komplett aims to become the Amazon of the Nordics. In the first half of 2017 Komplett will be launched as a marketplace where other online shops can sell their products through Komplett:

“The Nordics need an online marketplace like Amazon, but with a strong and regional e-commerce actor who knows the market and the Nordic consumers. Komplett does this. The new thing for Komplett is that we open our platform to external partners or vendors in the marketplace, and give them access to our brand and our customers. This provides our customers with an even wider range of exciting products, ” says Ole Vinje.

Ole Vinje, CEO, Komplett

Ole Vinje, CEO, Komplett

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Komplett‘s products range from computer equipment and insurances to cars and beauty products. Products for the marketplace will be chosen based on their relevance to the customers, which is crucial for future acquisitions and collaborations with online shops whereby the products live up to a certain standard in relation to what Komplett will lend its name and platform to. Komplett gets more than 50 requests a year from smaller online shops that want to be acquired. All inquiries are assessed, and their values have to match Komplett’s: precision, simplicity and enthusiasm. However, it is not only the sales strategy, which Komplett reflects upon during the transition from online shop to marketplace. Logistics operations also account for a great deal.

As a result of Komplett‘s growth, they are expanding and connecting Komplett’s two warehouses in Sandefjord. This helps to streamline logistics even further and ensure fast delivery to customers. Komplett is strong in logistics, and gladly helps external partners who do not have the capacity to handle this themselves.

“We sent 6 million products spread over 2 million parcels to Norway, Sweden and Denmark from our distribution center in Sandefjord in 2015. When Komplett launches as marketplace in 2017, we will in phase one only offer drop shipment from our external partners, this means all deliveries are sent directly from the external online shops at the marketplace. In phase two, we will also offer storage services to external partners via the distribution center in Sandefjord, ” says Ole Vinje.

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Komplett warehouse, Sandefjord

The picture shows a graphic of how the building in the middle will connect Komplett’s two existing warehouses in Sandefjord and thereby streamline logistics.

Komplett is not the only Norwegian online shop planning to become the Amazon of the Nordics. In the summer of 2016 electronics giant Elkjøp announced that they also want to be the Amazon of the Nordics.

Competition to be the Amazon of the Nordics

Approximately one year after Komplett’s announcement of their plans to become a future online marketplace, Elkjøp wrote in a press release on July 15th 2016, that they also plan to become the Amazon of the Nordics, but this does not worry Komplett:

“Competition is good for the consumers and helps to keep us on our toes. We want to be the obvious choice among customers, but it is ultimately the customer who determines whether it is Komplett or Elkjøp who wins the title as the Amazon of the Nordics. Whoever is best at customer experience and to deliver on expectations, becomes the leading marketplace, ” says Ole Vinje.

Reasonable prices, acquisitions and Finnish expansion will lead Komplett safely into the future.

“We will continuously give our customers the best prices through large product purchases, and we regularly assess new acquisitions and expansion into other countries. In the first half of 2017 Komplett also establishes a branch in Finland, ” Ole Vinje concludes.

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  • Komplett.no was established in 1996 and is today Norway’s largest online shop.
  • Komplett Group consists of 18 online shops in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.
  • Komplett Group employs more than 800 people and is headquartered in Sandefjord, Norway.
  • Komplett uses PostNord as carrier.
  • Komplett Group’s total turnover in 2015 was 7.3 billion NOK.
  • Ole Vinje has been CEO of Komplett Group since 2007.

Text by: Consignor, news@consignor.com