Navigating the jungle of Delivery Management terms

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Navigating the jungle of Delivery Management terms


Many different terms are used for systems to solve the same primary challenge: How to print freight labels and send shipments with multiple carriers. Despite the many terms we believe that it can all be boiled down to one essential thing: How to figure out which features you need to optimize your shipment process.

Imagine you ship parcels and you are looking for a smart and fast way to print shipping labels and ship your parcels with different carriers. You don’t know exactly which kind system that can do this, but you know that it has something to do with labels and transport. So, you turn to the great big oracle, whom we all turn to these days: Google. A lot of different search results come up and you stumble upon terms like Delivery Management System, Shipping Software, Transport Administration System and even Multi-carrier Parcel Management Solution.

So which kind of system do you go for? Though question, as there is no official definition of the different system terms. The same term may cover different kinds of systems, and conversely, the same systems may have different terms describing them. The terms might also overlap and flow together, making it even harder to figure out which kind of system to choose.

The system features make the difference
When it comes to choosing system, the name of the system is not important, it is what the system can do that is essential. It is crucial that you find a supplier with a system that contains the features you need. In order to do this you must know what these kinds of systems can even do. In the list below, we address all the possible features we recommend that you look for when you want to optimize the way you handle your shipments.

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Use the list as a check list to identify your needs and in your research of, which system supplier you should choose. It is far from all systems, that offer all the features mentioned below, which is why you can use the list to find the system supplier that matches all your requirements.

Possible system features to put on your Requirement Specification:

With these features in mind, you now have a foundation of knowledge when assessing which system supplier to choose to optimize your shipment process.

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