New delivery app disrupts current approaches

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New delivery app disrupts current approaches

A new delivery app from DPD plans on making delivery more convenient for parcel recipients. According to Steffen Pasgaard from Consignor, such carrier apps may entail implications for future e-commerce.

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CEO at DPD UK, Dwain McDonald, gave a presentation about DPD’s business strategy at the Nordic Delivery Conference 2015.

The international carrier DPD announces that they will launch a new delivery app in the autumn of 2015. The new free app will improve the delivery experience for parcel recipients. The recipients must simply create a personal profile with their individual delivery preferences. Hereafter they are given access to a range of new services.

“The new delivery app works as an inbound portal where you can see all the parcels that are coming your way, so you do not have to track each parcel. You specify your delivery preferences, and the carrier sees where and when you want your parcel to be delivered. If your preferences might change, you just tell the carrier via the app, and he will adjust, ” CEO at DPD UK Dwain McDonald explains.

DPD’s upcoming app is coherent with their delivery service, Predict, which they launched in March 2010 in the UK. Predict promise delivery within just one hour with the possibility for the recipient to change the delivery preferences down to 15 minutes before the parcel is delivered. The award-winning service has gotten DPD many new partnerships with major retailers.

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Steffen Pasgaard, Vice President at the software company Consignor, believes that DPD’s upcoming app also will be well received and entail implications for both online shops and possibly affect other carriers to move in the same direction.

The delivery experience is important for the customer


Vice President at Consignor, Steffen Pasgaard, thinks that the upcoming app from DPD is original and innovative.

Steffen Pasgaard is excited about DPD’s innovative solutions, which he says promotes a dialogue between the carrier and the receiver rather than the previous monologue:

“Carriers are able to get feedback from the receiver about desired delivery time and place with DPD’s app. This means reduced or completely eliminated delivery problems. It improves the delivery experience for both the recipient and the carrier. ”

Flexibility and delivery options in online shops are important factors in customers’ purchasing decision, according to Steffen Pasgaard:

“Delivery options mean a lot to customers when shopping online. DPD continues the trend of flexibility right into the last mile. This may in a great way affect which online shop customers choose.”

Steffen Pasgaard believes that an increased focus on service, innovation and differentiation in providing delivery services is necessary, if online shops and carriers want to adapt to consumers’ future demands.

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• DPD is one of the leading carriers in the UK.
• DPD won a Queens Award for their innovative delivery service, Predict, in April 2015.
• Read more about the Nordic Delivery Conference here.

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