Online shop reports growth due to the customer journey

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Online shop reports growth due to the customer journey

One of Denmark’s largest online shops provides their customers with a better experience and service by using a customer journey wheel. This increases their conversion by up to 20%.Customerjourneywheel

Customer Experience Manager at, Kasper Kristensen, has together with his colleagues developed the customer journey wheel. The wheel is based on how people
behave when they shop online. By clarifying the five phases,’s employees are wiser on what the customers need and when, they need it.

“By using the customer journey wheel, we provide our customers with the information they need, depending on where in the buying process they are. This can e.g. be a product guide or answers to questions. This way we use relevant content to push our customers further in their buying process. This means that we convert up to 20 % better, “ Kasper Kristensen explains.

But it is not only the right content that is essential to a successful customer journey. Delivery also plays a major role.

“In Customer Service, we use the customer journey wheel in the meeting with the customer. This means that we easily and quickly find out where the customer is and where he is going. By inquiries regarding delivery, it is important that we are able to track customers’ parcels and tell the time of delivery, ” Customer Service Team leader at, Mathias Lundquist says.


Customer Experience Manager at, Kasper Kristensen, is the man behind the customer journey wheel that helps’s employees to improve the customer experience.

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Transparent delivery on time
Delivery means everything to a good customer experience, and‘s customers value accurate delivery higher than fast delivery.

“Two factors are crucial to a successful delivery: transparency and on time delivery. We cannot be unclear about that. Our customer satisfaction surveys show that 80-90% of the customer experience depends on the delivery, ” Kasper Kristensen says.

A systematic approach to the customer experience not only increases sales at It also strengthens the cooperation between the departments.

“The employees are more focused. Through the customer journey wheel, they see how their efforts relate to other departments’ efforts. Because of this we are able to take long-term decisions when it comes to customer experience and service. This helps to increase sales, ” Kasper Kristensen concludes.

An extraordinary focus on delivery and customer experience has made grow into becoming one of the largest online shops in Denmark in just five years.




  • Danish hypermarket Bilka went online as in 2010.
  • The customer journey wheel was developed in connection with the launch of, and is regularly updated.
  • is in the top 10 of the largest Danish online shops.
  • The phases in the customer journey wheel:
    • Discover: The customer discovers through personal needs, commercials, recommendations or news that he needs a product.
    • Navigate: The customer examines options to meet his needs from Discover through searches on the Internet, physical stores and friends’ advice.
    • Evaluate: The customer evaluate different products through product descriptions, reviews and price comparisons.
    • Buy/delivery: Important phase concerning the customer experience. Here, the customer buys the product and has it delivered.
    • Use: The customer finds out whether the product lives up to the expectations from Discover and Navigate. The value of the product also depends on whether the customer uses the product’s full potential as elucidates by using the right content.
    • If it goes well in the Use phase, the customer will recommend to others, and they will thus start their customer journey wheel.

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