Pick the right packaging for your shipments and save money

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Pick the right packaging for your shipments and save money

Do you know which is the right packaging for your shipments? According to Danish packaging specialist STOK Emballage 7 out of 10 companies use too much packaging.

A box is not just a box. There is money to be saved in choosing the right box to fit your shipments according to Michael Simonsen, Sales & Marketing Director at STOK Emballage:

Pick the right packaging uden knap

“A correctly adjusted packaging can ensure that you do not overpay in freight for your
shipments. In addition, the right packaging is also important in terms of protection during transport as to avoid broken goods, complaints and cross customers. Therefore, there is also a branding value in the right packaging, which may result in greater customer satisfaction. ”

Correct packaging is not always the cheapest, it does not make sense only to go for the cheapest packaging before you have tested if it fits your shipments.

“It may well be that a box on paper is cheaper than another, but if the box does not fit into the various freight limitations by the carriers or match the level of protection in relation to the product, it will be much more expensive in the long run. There are therefore many parameters to it, and packaging must be tested, before you find the cheapest packaging in the long term for your shipments, “ Michael Simonsen says.

The graphic company, Cool Gray, has optimized their packaging to save money in the long term and ensure satisfied customers.

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We spend more money than most on the right packaging
Protection during transport is paramount, when Cool Gray picks shipping packaging, because what is the use to send lavish printed matter to a customer if the printed matter is damaged when it reaches the customer.

“We have three kinds of customized packagings: modular boxes, plan-corrugated sheets as well as cross- corrugated sheets since our products have non-standard measurements. We may use a lot of money on the right packaging, but in the end our customers are more satisfied and we save money on not having to reproduce anything, ” Henrik Lind, Procurement & Logistics Manager at Cool Gray, says.



The three customized packagings at Cool Gray: modular boxes, plan-corrugated sheets as well as cross- corrugated sheets. All three are environmentally friendly because they are made of biodegradable corrugated cardboard.


The customized packaging at Cool Gray not only ensures the contents of the parcels but also a faster delivery to the customers, as the special cover enables Cool Gray to deliver directly to the end recipient. This was not possible before, where the goods had to be delivered to central warehouses and packed together with other goods.

Cool Gray sends more than 55,000 shipments a year to customers in Europe.



  • The most widely used packaging among online shops are cardboard boxes and shipping bags.
  • STOK Emballage is concerned about the environment and offers packaging with the environmental labels: FSC, the Swan and the EU flower.
  • Read more about STOK Emballage here.
  • Cool Gray produces standard print and large format printing, such as displays for stores.
  • Cool Gray has 40,000 shipments per year in Denmark and 8,000 in Europe. In addition, they send 7,000-8,000 pallets of standard printed matter.
  • Read more about Cool Gray here.

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