Samsung improves tracking in the transport industry

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Samsung improves tracking in the transport industry


A number of new Samsung products including a smart little device for lorries aim to improve tracking of parcels and increase the level of driving safety for lorry drivers.

“We are right now pilot testing what we call “the connected delivery” through a small Samsung device that is placed in lorries. It gives transport companies cheap access to high-quality track & trace,” says Nordic Sales Director IM, Claus Holm from Samsung, in his presentation at Nordic Delivery Conference 2017 powered by Consignor.


Claus Holm shows the future’s tracking technology at the Nordic Delivery Conference 2017.

The device is currently on the market in the US at 120 Euros, and will soon be launched in Europe, where Samsung focuses on expanding the use of it within logistics and transport in the Nordics. According to Claus Holm, there is a great need for better track & trace in the industry as more parcels are shipped than ever before, and at the same time the parcels are of a higher value than before.

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“The Samsung device contains GPS and SIM card and retrieves data from the lorry in which it is located. The device can e.g. control parcels in the lorry by only opening the doors to the load if the lorry is at the correct place of delivery, or notify the administration if the lorry drives outside the planned route. The device also acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot for the driver’s other devices, e.g. if the driver uses a tablet to receive signatures on parcels. Or if the driver has a smart watch that detects that the driver is tired, then the administration can alert the driver through the watch,” Claus Holm explains.

The Samsung device for lorries is just one of several products that Samsung is currently introducing in transport and logistics. The new products are based on some of the most popular technologies today.

Tracking beacons and safety cameras
After a detailed presentation of the “the connected delivery” pilot project, Claus Holm reveals more new products from Samsung, which also can be used in logistics and transport:

“We have developed tracking sensors for parcels at only 1 USD per sensor, which we call tracking beacons. They are placed on specially selected parcels that you would like to track after they leave the lorry. These combined with a camera on the back of the lorry can tell exactly where a parcel is delivered and where it is located.”

Samsung is currently testing their Samsung Safety Truck, which has installed a camera in the front and a screen in the back enabling vehicles behind the truck to see what’s happening in front of the truck before planning an overhaul.

“In the future, Samsung will focus even more on developing new technology in tracking, where we also look at how trends like Virtual Reality glasses combined with Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things can contribute to innovation in logistics and transport,” Claus Holm concludes.

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  • Samsung is a multinational conglomerate with headquarters in South Korea.
  • Samsung develops products for the transport and logistics industry, but is probably best known for its phones, computers and TV’s.
  • Samsung is represented in over 80 countries and employs more than 326,000 people.
  • Claus Holm gave a presentation on the future’s tracking technology at Nordic Delivery Conference 2017 in Copenhagen May 4th.
  • Nordic Delivery Conference is an annual conference for the e-commerce, logistics and transport industry focusing on competitive delivery.
  • Nordic Delivery Conference is arranged and hosted by software company Consignor.

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