7 tips: The best way to pack your shipments

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7 tips: The best way of packing shipments


How are you packing shipments? 7 out of 10 companies use too much packaging according to the packaging specialist STOK Emballage. Are you one of them?
We have asked STOK Emballage to give their 7 best tips to help you pack your shipments the best way.

1. Cut down on the number of packagings
See if it is possible to use one size of packaging for several products, this lets you cut down on the number of packagings and save money.

2. Do not compromise
Make up your mind, it is more important to save money on one type of packaging instead of finding just the right solution for your shipments.

3. Protect your goods
Find the correct cardboard box in quality and thickness that can protect your goods during transport.

4. Fill the box
Find the correct box stuffing for the task that will keep your items intact during transport, and which is easy to handle for the customer.

5. Is there a need for customized packaging?
Consider whether you need customized boxes for your shipments, so you don’t have to reproduce something due to damaged packaging.

6. Optimize packing methods
Save time in processes and wages by optimizing the packing methods and flow.

7. Balance packaging and storage capacity
Consider how much packaging you actually need in relation to your storage capacity, so you do not unnecessary packaging lying around.