Why track & trace is just as important for B2B shipments

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Why track & trace is just as important for B2B shipments

Despite the now soaring demands for track & trace on shipments, there is still a big difference in track & trace visibility between B2C and B2B shipments, where track & trace at B2B can be deficient or non-existent, why is that?  When delayed B2B shipments often have major economic consequences and can be critical in whether the recipient can conduct their often time dependent operation?


Logistics Director, Rolf Inge Danielsen, at the main warehouse in Ski, where they have around 11,000 item numbers at the warehouse.

Transparency is essential for the delivery experience, it gives the recipient a sense of reassurance in knowing where their parcel is, and that the parcel is delivered on time. This is regardless of whether the recipient is a consumer or business. Transparency in the form of track & trace in B2B shipments not only allows for reassurance, but is also necessary for both the supplier and the customer to streamline their work processes.

On time B2Bshipments are critical to the recipient, enabling them to carry out their daily operations. Thus it is an advantage if the recipient is able to track his shipment, so they can plan their operational activities in relation to the time of delivery, and also see if the shipment is delayed, lost or damaged. This information also enables the supplier to undertake proactive action as quickly as possible in order to get the shipment back on track, preferably before the customer even notices. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, track & trace also reduces the supplier’s workload in terms of fewer customer inquiries regarding shipments. Therefore, one can wonder why so few companies with B2B deliveries do not offer track & trace on their shipments when the technology already exists and is used largely in B2C shipments.

Norwegian electronics wholesaler, Berggård Amundsen & Co AS, offers track & trace on their B2B shipments, when they deliver electrical equipment for electricians and daily deliveries to power plants and construction sites in Norway. In fact track & trace helps to raise the quality in their deliveries.

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Track & trace is indispensable to our delivery
Berggård Amundsen invested in a solution that allows them to quickly trace all deliveries throughout the group, says Logistics Director, Rolf Inge Danielsen:

“Our customers can’t do their job if they don’t get timely delivery. Therefore, track & trace is an indispensable part of our delivery so that we are able to track shipments and notify our customers. We use several different carriers, who each day deliver parcels from our main warehouse and our 25 service centers throughout Norway. With so many different carriers, it can be very time consuming to track shipments. We invested in a shipping system that gathers all tracking data in one place, which is integrated both to our WMS system Astro, which is used at the main warehouse and to our ERP system M3, that our 25 service centers have access to. This improves our track & trace and allows all Berggård Amundsen employees to track all deliveries throughout the group. ”

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The increased transparency as track & trace provides enables the supplier to monitor their carriers in relation to changes in quality and reliability. This gives the supplier an advantage when they negotiate agreements with their carriers.

This way track & trace not only benefits B2B customers, but equally the supplier himself, and with the increasing demands on logistics and delivery today track & trace should be an integral part of all deliveries both in B2C and B2B.



  • Track & trace enables the recipient to see the location of their parcel and time of delivery.
  • Track & trace can be conducted in several ways: via SMS, e-mail, telephone or real-time online tracking.
  • Berggård Amundsen has their main warehouse in Ski, Norway, and 25 service centers throughout Norway.
  • Berggård Amundsen sends between 20,000 and 50,000 parcels a month to customers in Norway.
  • Berggård Amundsen offers track & trace via their online shop and over the phone, and notifies customers via SMS and email, when the parcel is shipped from the warehouse and ready for pickup.

Text by: Consignor, news@consignor.com